New DIGI TV Starts Broadcasting

01. 10. 2015
New DIGI TV Starts Broadcasting

Today, long-awaited, New DIGI TV has been launched. In a technology modernization process, up to 15 000 set-top-box device replacements will be carried out every month. Overall investments of LAMA ENERGY GROUP, the owner of DIGI TV, are estimated at up to 300 million CZK.

LAMA has acquired DIGI TV in early 2015 when they closed a deal with the previous owner, Romanian-based RCS&RDS. The company took over a service with a significant number of customers but with inferior infrastructure and program offer when compared to current standards of paid TV services in the Czech Republic. This is about to change dramatically, starting with today: The New DIGI TV starts operating on a new technological platform and with extended program offer. Current customers will receive new set-top-boxes for a monthly fee of 49 CZK or alternatively, starting with November 11th, new CAM modules that will enable them to receive a better quality signal. The basic package priced at 299 CZK features 73 TV programs including a wide range of HD channels and also exclusive English Premiere League broadcasts, for Czech viewers available only on DIGI TV. „We are convinced that when comparing program offers and prices with our competitors, our service is the most attractive on Czech market, and not just for sports fans,“ says Vladimir Rusnak, the CEO of Czech DIGI TV.

The migration of current customers to the new platform will cost around 300 million CZK which will cover new hardware, its installation (set-top-box exchange is free for current customers) and other activities. Logistically, this is a demanding operation; more than 15 000 replacements will be carried out each month, utilizing a team of over 100 technicians employed DIGI TV and additional personnel provided by partner companies. The service personnel will assist the customers with setting up the new devices, change the LNB convertors, check the whole satellite system and offer replacements of damaged parts (parabolas, consoles, coaxial cables). The appointment with a technician and a migration to the New DIGI TV can be requested via the customer centre or DIGI TV’s official website.

Czech DIGI TV has been simultaneously developing a strategy for close cooperation with the Slovak Telecom group. Both operators use a common technological platform and have joined their forces while negotiating acquisitions of sports broadcast rights, being able to achieve better terms of the deals together with respect to the size of the Czecho-Slovak market.