Gas and Electricity

Gas and Electricity


Since the beginning of the liberalization of the Czech energy market in 2007, we have been supplying gas to customers of all categories. LAMA ENERGY is the company within LAMA ENERGY GROUP which deals in the sale of natural gas.


LAMA ENERGY has been supplying electricity to households and companies since 2011. LAMA ENERGY always guarantees lower commodity price in comparison to the price of the largest supplier in the region in the households and low consumption segment.

Large Consumption

We use an individual approach for the supplies in this category, as it is the only way we can satisfy the needs of the broad spectrum of the natural gas customers.

  • We have over 150 satisfied customers in the industry and services sector, from hospitals and municipal offices to heating plants and large enterprises (see References).
  • We are able to prepare an ideal offer tailored to the energy needs of your company.