Heating industry

Heating Plant Otrokovice 

The main business article of coal processing cogeneration heating plant is production, distribution and sales of heat, hot water and electricity. The company supplies around 9000 households and ten companies (e.g. Continental Barum) in the cities of Otrokovice, Napajedla and Zlín - Malenovice. LAMA ENERGY GROUP acquired 100% of company shares in June 2013.


Heating Plant Kyjov

The main focus of Heating Plant Kyjov Inc. is combined production of electricity and heat with a highly efficient use of natural gas while keeping the environmental impact at a minimum. The company distributes heat in the form of hot water for the purpose of utility water heating in Kyjov. In the process of producing electricity, the company makes maximum use of waste heat from local glassworks shops. The heating plant is operating in a steam-gas cycle with a total heat output of 18.5 MWt.


Energo Český Krumlov

Energo Český Krumlov, s.r.o. has been operating in Český Krumlov since 1992 and it provides services in the area of production and distribution of heat. It provides its customers with heat from nearly fifty boiler rooms, both the company’s own and rented, with a total capacity of 26.6 MWt. Aside from Český Krumlov, it also provides heat for the neighbouring town of Větřní. It supplies power, manages projects, builds new facilities and performs overhauls and repairs throughout South Bohemia.

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