The history of LAMA ENERGY GROOUP reaches all the way back to 1991, when its founder and majority owner Petr Lamich began trading in energy commodities. Straight from the beginning, he focused on the Central-European region, while the main activity was trading in heavy fuel oils. With the growth of the business, as well as its good name, the company expanded its activities to trading in oil, oil derivatives, coal, coal derivatives, natural gas, scrap metal and real estate.

In the year 2002 Petr Lamich entered the company LAMA GAS & OIL (formerly the Czech Petroleum Company), specializing in consulting in the area of oil and natural gas mining. As a result, the company was able to invest in its own research, deposit surveying and mining of oil and natural gas within the Czech Republic. LAMA GAS & OIL is the only company successful in finding new oil and natural gas deposits without a tradition of mining resources before the Velvet Revolution in 1989. Successful commercial mining was later established by the company.

Reacting to the liberalization of the Czech electricity and gas market, Petr Lamich and his partners founded LAMA ENERGY (formerly LAMA INVESTMENTS), which at first specialized in supplying gas to big customers. Over the years, LAMA ENERGY found its customers among large industrial companies and heating plants in the Czech Republic. In 2010, when the market of supplying gas to households was liberalized, the company began offering gas under the brand levnyplyn.cz for prices significantly lower than former monopoly suppliers. In 2011, supplying electricity was added to the company’s portfolio.

In 2011, almost two decades of hard work of LAMA group’s founder culminated in transformation of the company into a new holding arrangement. That included moving individual part-shares into the mother company LAMA ENERGY GROUP, which is responsible for coordination of individual activities and strategic development of the group.

In 2013 Teplárna Otrokovice, a.s. became a part of the holding, making LAMA ENERGY GROUP a producer of energy, as opposed to just a supplier. The heating plant supplies electrical energy to the town of Otrokovice, as well as large companies operating in the nearby industrial zone.

The year 2013 also saw developments in the activities of the company Petrolama Petrolama Energy Canada Inc., founded in 2011 in cooperation with experienced Canadian experts and traders in petroleum products. It was officially incorporated into the structure of the holding in 2013.

Aside from trading in petroleum products and running its own fleet of cistern rail cars for railway transport of the products, in September 2013 Petrolama launched a terminal for processing and refining crude oil in the district of Alida (the province Saskatchewan). It is connected to the pipeline Enbridge-Saskatchewan.

Another Canadian activity is preparation of mining from the newly opened oil deposit in the province Alberta with a mining capacity of up to 300 million barrels, run by the company Petrolama Namur Oil Sands Exploration Inc.

In the fourth quarter of the year 2013 the company launched the brand LAMA MOBILE. It operates as a full service mobile virtual network operator, self-contained in providing all the services to the customers. The operator builds upon the principles clarity, fairness and transparency. LAMA mobile strongly focuses on the customers and their needs. It offers various types of tariffs through multiple sales channels.

In April 2015, the leading Czech satellite television DIGI CZ became a part of LAMA ENERGY GROUP. It provides services within the entire Czech Republic as the only operator offering not only satellite television in the form of DIGI CZ, but also internet TV called DIGI2GO.

The group is based in Hradec nad Moravicí (a small town in North Moravia), where a modern administrative complex has been built. In addition, the group also has office facilities in Prague. In terms of the Czech Market, LAMA ENERGY GROUP holds a leading position in trading in heavy fuel oils, while being the second largest in oil and gas mining. Moreover, the group is examining business opportunities in the field of energy supplies outside of its home region.