Exploration, Survey, and Mining of Crude Oil and Natural Gas Deposits

LAMA GAS & OIL carries out the exploration, survey, and mining of crude oil and natural gas deposits in the Czech Republic. The company started deposits surveys in 2000 and commercial mining in 2006. Currently LAMA GAS & OIL produces crude oil and natural gas at two mining centers near Břeclav.

The mining in both centers is planned for approximately 25 years. After decommissioning, the mining centers will be restored and the wells removed.

LAMA GAS & OIL successfully continues with the exploration of new crude oil and natural gas deposits in the Czech Republic and is planning production in other places in the South Moravian Region.

The mining technology does not have an adverse impact on the quality of the environment. There is a system of monitoring the quality of ground water in the Poštorná mining center.