LAMA ENERGY GROUP Revenues for 2014 Reached More Than 28 Billion CZK, EBITDA 703 Millions

20. 08. 2015
LAMA ENERGY GROUP Revenues for 2014 Reached More Than 28 Billion CZK, EBITDA 703 Millions

The LAMA ENERGY GROUP holding has published their economic results for 2014. Overall revenues approached the mark of 30 billion CZK, meaning an annual increase of 80%. EBITDA increased from 611 million CZK in 2013 to 703 million in 2014. Most of the increment has been generated by the North American PETROLAMA ENERGY CANADA Inc. However, the biggest share of new investments is still oriented to the Czech Republic.

LAMA ENERGY GROUP keeps dynamically developing on two continents. EBITDA reached a record of 703 million CZK in 2014. Canadian PETROLAMA crude oil treatment and oil commodities trading company generated 78% of the revenues, totalling at 22 billion CZK.

In the Czech Republic, LAMA ENERGY GROUP offers services to the households, such as electricity and gas supplies for more than 60 000 consumption points. In spite of a warm winter and ever-falling commodities prices, the revenues of LAMA Energy reached a solid economic result of 4.7 billion CZK.

Owing to the membership in the LAMA ENERGY GROUP holding, the company LAMA Energy is one of the few trade companies which not only resell commodities but instead carry out their own oil and gas extraction as well as production of electricity. Specifically, the extraction has been carried out by LAMA GAS & OIL company which operates 14 active bores in south Moravia to provide their clients with around 50 million cubic metres of oil and gas every year. Revenues of LAMA GAS & OIL for 2014 reached 344 million CZK.

LAMA ENERGY GROUP also owns their own heating plant in Otrokovice which operates hot-water line to supply more than 10 000 households in Otrokovice, Napajedla and Zlin-Malenovice with heating water. In 2014, their revenues reached 1.1 billion CZK.

„In the field of household services, we see our potential in the Czech Republic in the acquisition of a satellite TV operator DIGI TV. Their customers are the largest customer group in the whole LAMA family,“ says Andrej Cirtek, spokesperson for the holding. The investment into DIGI TV has been realized in April 2015.

In early 2015, LAMA ENERGY GROUP acquired Teplarna Kyjov, another heating plant facility. By this deal, the group expanded their investments in the field of heating services. Teplarna Kyjov, thanks to its high output, also provides support services for energy transmission system belonging to the electricity transfer company ČEPS.