Products and services

LAMA ENERGY GROUP is oriented namely towards the energy industry and trade in energy commodities in Central Europe, primarily in the Czech Republic, where the holding is headquartered. The umbrella group covering gas and electricity supply in the Czech market is a subsidiary of LAMA ENERGY. LAMA GAS & OIL company, another branch of the holding, is active in oil extraction and gas in the region of Central Europe.The holding also began to operate a mobile virtual operator called LAMA MOBILE in connection to developments in the service market for homes in the Czech Republic where bundled offers and multi services are gaining prominence. In 2013 the holding obtained its first production capacity: Otrokovice Heating, which produces cogenerated heat and electricity for several cities in the central Moravia region in the Czech Republic.

Since 2011 the Group is rapidly developing business on the North American region through Petrolama Energy Canada (trading in petroleum products) and Petrolama Namur Oil Sands Exploration (crude oil preparation from newly opened oil fields in Alberta, Canada).

Besides these, the group devotes its energy to other sectors where interesting investments opportunities arise. The following is a list of fields where LAMA ENERGY GROUP is active.