The Construction of Wildhorse Crude Oil Terminal nearing completion

1. 7. 2020

The project of Wildhorse crude oil terminal construction is successfully coming to an end.

All storage tanks (13 in total) were completed by the end of June. Hydrotests have already been successfully performed on 10 tanks, and remaining 3 tanks should be completed by mid-July. Work on the connecting pipeline, which should be completed by the end of August 2020, is being completed, including the installation of measuring and control equipment and the overal connectivity to other capacities of the Cushing oil hub. The Mechanical completion and start of the trial operation is scheduled for the end of August 2020. After a 2-month test run, we expect the Terminal will be put into routine operation (October 21, 2020). A slight delay, compared to the expectations at the beginning of April, was mostly connected with security measures related to the COVID-19.