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The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, the United States of America, and Mongolia – these are five countries where LAMA ENERGY GROUP currently operates. The main traits of the Group are long-term stability, sustainable growth, development of our activities, and the willingness to enter, after a thorough preparation and considering all risks, new markets which have some connection to our existing business.






The success of LAMA ENERGY GROUP also relies on our personnel stability and abilities of our employees. The company currently has over 700 employees, however, the key managers have not changed for a long time. This gives us the feeling of security.


million EUR in revenues



million EUR in assets

Our total amount of revenues is substantially derived from market prices of commodities, and therefore, it is not the key factor for us. Consolidated revenues were 400 million EUR in 2018. The sum of net assets of the Group and the profitability have been stable in the long term.


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Wildhorse Terminal just 6 months before completion

6. 3. 2020

The project for the construction of the Wildhorse Oil Terminal (Cushing, Oklahoma, U.S.) has reached the final stage.

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The Construction of Wildhorse Terminal is in Progress

8. 8. 2019

The construction of a crude oil storage and blending terminal Wildhorse (Cushing, Oklahoma, U.S.) for more than 200 million USD, performed in collaboration with KEYERA (TSE:KEY,, successfully continues. It is to be accomplished in 12 months.

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Opening a Regular Office in Mongolia

14. 5. 2019

A regular LAMA ENERGY GROUP office was opened in Mongolia in May. There operates LAMA INVESTMENTS MONGOLIA LLC, the subsidiary which continues with the project for geological exploration and surveying exploration licences received in bids organized by the government agency of Mongolia (MRPAM).

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Announcement of Publishing the Project for Change, and Notification for Creditors regarding their Rights

1. 5. 2017

LAMA ENERGY GROUP s.r.o. hereby publishes, in connection to the process of changing the legal form of the company from a limited liability company to a joint stock company in accordance with §33 Article 4 and §362 Law No. 125/2008 Coll. about Changing Legal Forms of Companies and Cooperatives, changing the legal form and notification of rights for the creditors.

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LAMA ENERGY GROUP Has Expanded with LIVE Telecom

7. 2. 2017

Holding LAMA ENERGY GROUP, the owner of DIGI CZ s.r.o, gained on 7nd February 2017, 100% share in LIVE Telecom, s. r. o., a mobile network operator that deals mainly with providing landline voice and data services.

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