LAMA continues to support hospitals in 2024

3. 1. 2024

LAMA ENERGY GROUP is proud of our successful cooperation with hospitals in the past year, when we supported a number of medical facilities. Among the most important are University Hospital in Ostrava, Silesian Hospital in Opava and University Hospital in Pilsen. We have provided these hospitals with funding and medical equipment that have contributed to improved patient care. We are delighted with the positive impact of our support and have decided to continue this tradition in 2024.

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Our largest photovoltaic power plant built to date

11. 1. 2023

Our company LAMA solar built a photovoltaic power plant with an output of 829.92 kWp for FINIDR. Thanks to the 751 MWh of electricity produced, the company saves around 645 tons of CO2 per year.

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Wildhorse Crude Oil Terminal Commissioned

1. 8. 2021

The 4.5 million barrel Wildhorse crude oil storage and blending terminal, which includes 12 above ground tanks and is connected by pipeline to existing storage terminals in the area, was commissioned in July 2021.

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The Construction of Wildhorse Crude Oil Terminal nearing completion

1. 7. 2020

The project of Wildhorse crude oil terminal construction is successfully coming to an end.

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WILDHORSE vs. COVID-19 1 : 0

13. 4. 2020

Wildhorse terminal construction project uninterrupted.

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Wildhorse Terminal just 6 months before completion

6. 3. 2020

The project for the construction of the Wildhorse Oil Terminal (Cushing, Oklahoma, U.S.) has reached the final stage.

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